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Paas Food Industries is a supplier of chicken and turkey products. Every day we produce freshly cut products, which are sent to our customers the same day. We have an eye for quality, presentation, ease of use for consumers, and the requirements of distribution centres, wholesalers or industrial customers. Our aim is to provide a win-win situation for our suppliers and our customers. We deliver customised products in consultation with our customers. Everything can be processed digitally, from the order up to and including payment, if that’s what our customer wants. We are happy to listen to customer stories and suggest possible solutions.

BBQ Natural Minced Seasoned Frozen Ready-to-cook Seasonal

Paas Food Industries Brochetten
Paas Food Industries Blokjes
Paas Food Industries Gevogeltevinken
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Our barbecue products are ready for use. We ensure the right balance between quality, presentation, taste and ease of use for end consumers. We make fresh brochettes every day. The daily fresh supply of vegetables is chopped in our own kitchen. For this, we have been working with the same trusted suppliers for many years. We cooperated in the development of the herb mixes and marinades. We do not use palm oil and only work with clean label products. Allergens are banned.

Nevertheless, we never lose track of taste and ease of use. You can count on us during very hot summer days as well. For this, we can rely on our flexible employees.

Several times a day we receive a supply of freshly slaughtered chicken meat. The butchery is right across from our company. This allows us to work with very fresh products at all times. We have a wide selection of products, ranging from whole chickens to chicken fillets, which are cut to weight according to the customer’s wishes.

For freshly minced chicken you have come to the right place. Several times a day we receive a supply of freshly slaughtered chicken thighs that we cut right away. The products are delivered to our customers the same day, which means super fresh products with maximum shelf life are for sale in the stores. We have a wide selection of products of various weights, lengths or other customer requirements.

Throughout the year, we offer a seasoned range of fresh or frozen chicken parts or whole chickens. Our herbal mixes definitely increase the ease of use for our customers. We provide different herbs for chickens cooked on the grill and for chicken parts cooked on a barbecue. Based on consumer needs we develop exclusive herbal mixes or marinades.

We provide a frozen chicken range which includes a number of standard products, but also a wide selection of private labels for our customers. Products can be frozen either in block or IQF. The products meet the highest quality requirements as agreed with our customers.

To complete the range in the chilled section or on the menu, we also offer an assortment of ready-to-cook products. These are freshly prepared every day, with an eye for quality, taste and presentation. In consultation with the customer, we can also make these products according to a specific required weight.

In addition to the entire assortment we prepare for our customers every day, we also have a seasonal range. These are not just summer and winter products, but they are also related to holidays and special events. Examples include gourmet, fondue, stone grill, themed products for Valentine’s Day, World Cup, Olympic Games, etc.

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Paas Food Industries Brochetten
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Paas Food Industries Kippenblokjes
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Paas Food Industries Lapjes
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Sustainable top quality


Processing chicken meat requires the greatest care and security. At Paas Food Industries, we offer top quality and 100% food safety. To keep this up, we work according to the strictest standards and requirements and are certified by the following quality standards: BRC Food, IFS Food, Halal.

We also care a great deal about the environment. Our state-of-the-art production uses the most energy-efficient machinery and Paas Food Industries almost exclusively meets its own energy needs by means of alternative, green energy sources, including solar and wind.