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As a 2nd generation family business, we use all our strengths to produce many different poultry preparations in a state-of-the-art production unit. The passion for food is in our DNA. This shared passion is also what makes us such a close-knit team. Paas Food Industries serves both the retail and food service markets for a wide range of poultry products and preparations.

PFI has always remained faithful to the artisanal quality, but also wants to be a true “Partner in Innovation”. Together, we aim for high-quality products every day to provide our customer with the best possible service.

Our strenghts

  • ultra-fresh
  • proactive collaboration
    with customers
  • tailor-made
  • PURE passion
    for our products
Paas Food Industries slicing

our company IN figures

some figures

6000M² state-of-the-art

35 TONnes

of products / day

20 years

of experience


permanently on the go

792 solar panels

1 wind turbine

Recent news

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Company visit primary school De Griffel


On Thursday 30 January, the pupils of the 4th year of primary school De Griffel in Maasmechelen visited our company. The idea was to discover how an industrial food company works. They also learned how we deal with food safety and why it is so important.
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Training Day


On 18.01.2020, we organised a training for the entire staff with the theme Leadership. This day was supervised by a professional trainer from Berg & Partners who took us through a leadership course with the objective of providing our customers with top quality and service every day.
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BBQ 2020


A new season has begun. You will find a lot of BBQ inspiration at Paas Food Industries. From April 1, 2020 we will offer more than thirty different poultry products. Skewers, chicken brazade and minced meat products, as well as new products such as the BBQ Chicken Burger and the Sweet Bacon BBQ Burger. As we are spending a lot of time with our families, it is important to celebrate life. If you would like more detailed information, please contact us by
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Sustainable top quality


Processing chicken meat requires the greatest care and security. At Paas Food Industries, we offer top quality and 100% food safety. To keep this up, we work according to the strictest standards and requirements and are certified by the following quality standards: BRC Food, IFS Food, Halal.

We also care a great deal about the environment. Our state-of-the-art production uses the most energy-efficient machinery and Paas Food Industries almost exclusively meets its own energy needs by means of alternative, green energy sources, including solar and wind.